“Gamification” means adding game-like incentives – or “game mechanics”– to a loyalty or marketing  program to encourage more frequent use, deeper engagement, motivation and measurable changes in customer behaviour that impact your bottom line.  ICAP, through Gamification techniques helps companies to engage, motivate and win new customers while making customers more loyal to their brands. And of course customers could be Employees, Business Partners or Consumers. 
ICAP Management Consultants can help you to turn your card based loyalty program into a successful real customer loyalty program.  There are several factors and tactics which can turn your loyalty program into a successful, engaging process - and see how ICAP helps you implement each effectively and affordably.
The social-communal factor
Successful games are viral and social. They encourage frequent engagement and play and assist majorly the awareness of the advertised program to players’ friends and family. That means integrating social media into your loyalty program wherever possible is very important and critical.
The recognition factor
Everyone likes recognition. Everyone likes to win and announce this to his social environment.  In the digital world that means customers progress towards earning a reward. We advise you in structuring your program levels so that goals feel within reach. As an example our solution and services lets you recognize VIPs instantly, greet them warmly, and remind them of the next-sweetest reward they should aspire to.
The time and personalization factor
Limited-time offers drive urgency to “play”.  Limited-time offers are a great way to move extra inventory, boost in-store traffic, or introduce a new product. Customers like to be treated personally. So why not offer them personalized offers. Do the next best action and provide the next best personal offer the right time?
The challenge factor
A very high percentage of loyalty programs are buy-10-get-Y-free– easy to follow and track, but not always inspiring. There is no challenge and therefore not so much inspiring and engaging. Switch things up a bit. For instance, why not design a customer journey where the costumer can earn many digital rewards and when reaching the highest level a reward, something money can’t buy? A VIP seat in his favourite team! Think big, emotional and be creative! 
Remind customers how close they are to achieving a reward. Much like airline points programs, our solution lets customers accumulate points based on the Euro amount of purchases, then trade points for rewards. Nudge your less-active participants by showing how close they are to winning certain freebies. 
The fun factor
Why play games if they aren’t fun? Winning a freebie gives you a thrill well beyond the value of the free item – that’s the magic of customer loyalty.
Play up the fun in your loyalty program. Test an outlandish reward, or try a limited-time offer that appeals to your customers’ mindset (like a free pizza topping after midnight during football finals week). 
By plugging in a loyalty program into your customers’ digital world and into their daily lives with personalized information and content is the recipe of a success loyalty program. 

ICAP Management Consultants, build Leading Edge Loyalty and Customer Engagement Strategies (B2B & B2C) which drives our Clients Brand to grow and sustain meaningful and strong Bonds with their customers

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