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Business Intelligence & Budgeting and Forecasting Implementation for a leader of pharmaceutical industry in Greece

Firm’s previously manually reporting has transitioned to a fully automated process using scheduled reports that are emailed daily to the business users. Relevant Briefing Books are created, published and distributed to all Business Users on a daily basis. Each professional is aware of his current state versus what was planned at the beginning of the year. 

In order for such reports to be created, the whole Planning & Budgeting process is modeled and automated with the help of global market leading tools. Users take advantage of the relevant graphical interface and can easily allocate actual and budget data even on a SKU level. The budgeting process incorporates data from several back end systems since apart from Greece, foreign countries are also monitored. Except from the back end systems, the proposed tools are fed with data that come from several proprietary applications such as CRM systems (for monitoring Key Account Managers performance) and a Customer Database with which the firm monitors its retailer’s performance.

All data input and traffic is automated and stored in a relevant Data Warehouse. This data is then combined with Actual data fed from firm’s back end system so as for the integrated data cubes to be created. This process takes place on a daily basis, ending to the creation of the relevant briefing books. Additionally, the cubes are available to the users for conducting their own analyses and reports.

With the use of the proposed tools, the pharmaceutical firm has managed to better understand its relationship with both their partners and employees and work in a transparent way regarding their commercial policy. With the combination of several commercial data from sparse data sources, the firm, now, can easily allocate bonuses, on & off invoice discounts and thus work in a more efficient way.


Business Intelligence for Financial Services Company

The solution supports company needs to provide quick, easy, online access to data through the use of Web technologies including customers in various countries all over the world. The main project’s challenge was to integrate data from multiple back end systems into a single point of access for both in-house and customers’ users.

Data Cubes were created covering areas such as cards issuing, transactions and many more, which are accessible from a main portal both for intranet and extranet users. Furthermore, a set of ad hoc query packages is created so as for the users to fulfill both their current analytical needs, but to extend their analyses as well.

All the reports and information are served through a 24x7 environment with failover features, while company’s extremely high security level is as well met.

With the use of the proposed Business Intelligence Suite, the company is able to provide revolutionary reporting features, helping its customers to make decisions that lead to better business results, in the context of the provision of a set of value added services.


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