Mastering the Connected Economy

Today’s CEO has to leverage people and innovation, to navigate and connect in an increasingly technology-driven world that reshapes the workplace and the marketplace.  We live in a changing world.  How can we cope in a world of rapid change?


The Economic environment continues to be a challenge, particularly as commoditization continues to affect the performance of core lines of business.
Price-based competition continues to be a core tactical imperative for most companies in most sectors – therefore we do focus on cost optimization.
From a strategic perspective, the push for innovation continues unabated and many companies are exploring vertical-market opportunities in this context.
Disruptive business models and technologies are a key consideration for most firms. The pursuit of innovation is increasingly about understanding how to create value through technology that leverages an ecosystem of partnerships.
Tough economic times always offer company’s the opportunity to find better
ways to do things. All companies, large and small have to be sharper in their decisions on where to allocate their resources, efforts and spending.
Successful organizations are the ones who think the most creatively, not only in their initial product or service, but more importantly all through the stages of growth. But even the best of them can easily slip into some bad decision habits that limit or hurt their business, due to natural human tendencies and the pressures of business challenges.
The business of business has been around a long time, with many “best practices” well-defined and well documented. Creativity should not these as it’s usually not a good thing. Thus every organization should struggle to achieve that balance between methodically following “proven” processes, versus a new and creative approach which may be a real differentiator.
During the last 50 years we helped CEOs to understand how to monetize convergent and disruptive innovations which is the next big challenge. 
Today ICAP Management Consultants introduce innovation and think creative while incorporating best practices in order to serve your business better. 

About us

ICAP Group – with 1.300 employees – is the largest Business Information and Management Consulting Group in Greece, with a strong presence in Southeastern Europe.

At ICAP Consultants, our vision is to become the recognized regional leader in Business Consulting enabled by Technology and Business Analytics. Our strategy relies on uniquely combining a superior industry-focused business consultative approach, consumer & business data, analytics and data integration technology solutions. Our unique and innovative solutions differentiate our customers and provide them a competitive advantage.

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