Employee Loyalty and Gamification techniques drive sales performance

Engaged Enterprise is a new term used to describe today’s leading-edge companies that are successfully and actively engaging every aspect of their organizations — their employees, their partners and their customers — into a cohesive, collaborative and more effective communities. Many of these companies are weaving gamification programs into their corporate cultures to achieve an increased level of engagement, and the result has been a measurable improvement in their bottom lines. 
Properly executed gamification strategies rolled out across sales departments have proven instrumental in improving revenue, and when implemented more broadly, employees from many different functional areas are empowered to positively impact the sales process.
Gamification is the integration of game mechanics and theory into non-game applications and processes in the workplace. Game mechanics motivate participants to get involved and solve problems. 
Today, gamification is being integrated into a wide range of business functions, including sales and marketing, customer engagement, employee incentives and workplace performance. When successfully implemented into a process, gamification can support company-wide collaboration to support any business objective. Effective gamification drives employee performance and helps professionals meet and exceed their targets through collaboration, information sharing and the enthusiastic assistance of every employee in the organization.
Gamification techniques can help you to remain focused on strategies that will, without fail, successfully align teams and their activities with business goals.
Sharing information with peers and external departments is not a natural inclination for many professionals, who are often both competitive and suspicious of their colleagues. But a gamified process can change that. A gamified sales culture can drive collaborative behavior among the sales team, incentivizing them to share information openly and frequently with each other, with executives and with appropriate affiliated departments. 
Gamification isn’t about games – it’s about results. It’s about measuring and motivating, setting goals, tracking progress, and rewarding performance.  Gamification can drive the behaviours in your employees and sales team that will help the business to be successful, and at the same time, it can drive non-sales employees to participate and support the sales team by providing leads, social media outreach, timely information and thoughtful collaboration.
Through proven game mechanics such as challenges, levels, team competitions, leader boards, and rewards, your employees are always engaged and motivated. 
Gamification can be embedded and integrated to any of your Sales Management Tools (CRM or other) to increase usage and data quality.  
ICAP Management Consultants with an experience in many customers can assist and help your organization as well in implementing successfully Gamification in your industry.

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