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ICAP Group and IBM joined forces and held a successful event on Monday 9th May. “Cognos up your business” was attended by managers and directors from Finance, IT and Sales departments.

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Mr. Nikitas Konstantellos  CEO of ICAP Group made the opening remarks and was followed by Mr. Apostolos Tsoubris, Executive Director at ICAP Management Consultants who emphasized that information analysis and management of data coming from various and complex sources towards producing knowledge and value for the customers is one of the most important strategic directions followed by ICAP Group.

Next, Mr. Ramiro Rego Alvarez, Watson Analytics Evangelist at IBM presented the brand new solution, Watson Analytics which comes on the cloud to offer the benefits of advanced analytics without complexity. He presented how easy it is to explore structured and unstructured data and to create dashboards and infographics in order to get instant answers and insights towards getting the right decisions on the next business moves.

Ms Athanasia Giannakakou, Consultant at Management Consultants team in ICAP, presented the solutions that ICAP can provide for Information management and automation of the budgeting, planning and forecasting process, with the use of IBM tools. Functionalities of the new IBM Cognos version were demonstrated and it was presented how ICAP consultants can  enable technologies in order to provide integrated solutions for customers.

Finally, Mr Dimitris Vlachos, CIO at Sfakianakis Group, Mr. Taxiarchis Georgiou, Software Development Manager at KONKAT SA and Mr Vasilis Zervas and Evan Dolgyras, CFO and Financial Controller at Gefsinus Group respectively, shared the challenges faced and the  performance improvement experienced with the use of the solutions implemented by ICAP. 

Some of the functionalities demonstrated during the presentation of the new Cognos are presented below.

Self Service BI

IBM offers a redesigned user interface that enables users to create dashboards easily in order to get instant answers and insights.

Smart Search and Interact

ICAP enables users to face the ever increasing amount of corporate data. A new smart search engine enables search not only based on the titles but also the content of the reports.

Combine Personal & Corporate Data

The user can combine corporate data from various sources with the data stored in personal files without the need of any programming skills.

Budget data entry

Slice and dice data, drill down and roll up numbers, view planning and forecast data and actuals in a single place for comparison, automate the data collection process, perform driver-based allocations, create an approval process and perform multiple what-if scenarios. Budgeting, planning and forecasting process now enables the finance leader to have a 360ο  view of the company.


Cognos as Excel Add-in

Cognos integrates database and data storage capabilities with spreadsheets functionalities. 



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